Visit of the Espace Niemeyer


The request to visit the spaces and exhibitions of the Espace Niemeyer via the online form does not constitute acceptance of the request for visit and is subject to acceptance by the administration of the site. 

The administration of the site reserves the possibility to cancel the visit without condition if the health guarantees are not met without right of opposition to this decision. 

Refunds are only possible in the event of a cancellation by the site. Tickets valid only for the selected day and time slot. 

The items for sale are non-refundable and can only be purchased in cash directly at the reception of the building.

The photos taken on the site cannot be used for commercial purposes, otherwise, an agreement and pricing will have to be established between the SICC and the visitor.

The building is protected by the ADAGP and the visitor must obtain an agreement with the ADAGP for the distribution of images. This may be subject to a pricing that would be in addition to the one requested for the rental of the premises.

Sanitary measures

The basic measures recalled by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health are:

  • Dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel are present at the entrance of the visiting spaces.
  • The wearing of the mask is mandatory for all visitors over 11 years of age (pursuant to decree no. 2020-548 of 11 May 2020), visitors are asked to come with their mask.
  • In order to guarantee the respect of the physical distance and the comfort of visit of everyone, please respect the marking on the ground and a distance of one meter between the visitors.
  • wash hands very regularly with soap and water or with an alcoholic hydro solution
  • cough or sneeze in the elbow
  • greet without shaking hands, avoid hugging
  • respect a courtesy distance with staff (from the museum, the park, restaurants, shops, etc.) and with the other visitors
  • use single-use tissues
  • wear a mask
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0 800 130 000.
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